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Navigating Change in the Private Capital Markets

With over $1 trillion in annual offerings, the U.S. market for issuing private securities is an exceptionally large, yet relatively unfamiliar asset class. What is a private security?  How does this market operate and why don’t I know more about it?  The following White Paper attempts to shed some light on this opaque marketplace for both issuers seeking to raise capital and investors looking for new opportunities.  So why now?  Because the private capital markets are in a transformative state.  Understanding the dynamics behind this asset class is an imperative for all market participants. This ACE Portal White Paper covers the following topics:

  • Defining a private security
  • Explaining why private securities should matter to you as an investor
  • Outlining key market challenges
  • Explaining how a private offering works
  • Covering the historical evolution of this market
  • Discussing recent changes and catalysts for private securities

Click here to download the full paper: Navigating Change in the Private Capital Markets.

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