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Crowd Capital and Online Finance

This is a replay of a Milken Institute thought leadership panel from last year focusing on the role of online platforms in the capital raising platform–both in terms of institutional capital raising, crowdfunding, and P2P. It features ACE Portal’s CEO, Peter Williams, in addition to Angel List, Prosper, Indiegogo, & Guggenheim Venture Partners.

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Crowdfunding as a Risk Reduction Tool for Socially Responsible Investing

Entrepreneurs and investors have a growing interest in building and funding companies that integrate people, planet, and profit. But despite market demand for goods and services with environmental and social value, startup ventures based on these values are typically perceived as higher-risk or lower-return, and often struggle to maintain their unique identity as they trade equity for capital.

Crowdfunding can be a powerful tool that enables a socially responsible company (SRC) to overcome these challenges, resulting in more and better opportunities for socially responsible investing (SRI). But how does the power of “the crowd” empower new startups and reduce risk for investors?
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Transaction Readiness – Will you be Ready if a Suitor Comes Knocking?

In this interview, ACE Co-Founder & CFO, Carl Torrillo, discusses the concept of ‘transaction readiness’ with Jeremy Swan of CohnReznick. Jeremy covers a range of topics to help you prepare your business for a potential investor or suitor and discusses why this can be important strategically–even if you are not immediately contemplating a transaction. To quote Jeremy: “if you’re not ready when a suitor comes knocking, then it’s too late.”

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Top 10 Best Practices for Marketing Your Deal

If you’re marketing your next (or first) big fund or deal – we know that you’re probably wondering about crowdfunding, deal portals, TPMs, investment banks or taking the family office route as some of the best angles to get funded. Chances are you’ve already done at least one of these in the past on a prior transaction or are contemplating them right now.

The questions to consider in pursuing the great balancing act of marketing your deal in 2014 and 2015 are designed around what best practices to use to successfully complete your raise, do it in an efficient manner, and be safe in your approach. Read More

The Placement Agent’s Dilemma

If a person is sick, they see a doctor. If a person has legal troubles, they see an attorney. Logic would then suggest that a person in need of financial planning would seek the assistance of an investment professional.

This maxim however is not always adhered to within the anomaly that is the capital markets. Rather, it is tested each and every time technological innovations are made. From day-trading to house-flipping, technology advancements seeking to improve market efficiencies often drive an unintended corollary whereby individuals are tempted to disrupt or replace the entire market infrastructure. Call it hubris or ignorance, but there is something deep in the American psyche that murmurs “I am a savvy investor or entrepreneur and I don’t need professional help engaging the market!” Read More

The Role of the Internet in Private Capital Markets

In this video ACE CEO Peter Williams questions Daniel Gorfine, the Milken Institute’s Director of Financial Markets Policy and Legal Counsel, on the new role of the internet in capital raising.

They cover:

  • The evolution of the internet and finance from discount brokerages in the ’90s to private capital raising portals today
  • How the different Titles of the JOBS Act are opening portals to enhance marketing,
  • Ultimate impact of the internet in capital raising, information, size of market, & liquidity
  • Impact of the internet on the institutional versus individual investor level
  • New regulatory concerns that could arise and potential lessons to be drawn from the ’90s

Additional Interviews with Daniel Gorfine

The Milken Institute’s mission is to improve lives around the world by advancing innovative economic and policy solutions that create jobs, widen access to capital and   enhance health.



Raising Capital in Today’s Environment

David Garrity, Principal at GVA Research and a Managing Partner at Whitemarsh Capital, talks with Jason Behrens, the ACE Portal General Counsel, about the evolving paradigm in today’s capital raising environment. They cover:

  • Access to capital vis-a-vis the JOBS Act
  • Issues of adequate due diligence
  • The role of technology and platforms in facilitating better information disclosure and investor protections
  • How broker-dealers are reacting to changes facilitated by the JOBS Act
  • Why investment banking activity is consolidating and the potential problems that this creates for capital raisers
  • Shortcomings of the JOBS Act relative to compliance, due diligence, and protection

See David Discuss the transition from a Private Company to a Public Company


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