Centralized online access to the private capital markets.

Why Your Private Placement Should Move Online

You should use digital communities or online portals to help you raise capital because that’s what everyone else is doing. Seriously. It’s a numbers game…

In a world where capital seekers and investors are already congregating online to find one another, following your peers into the online fundraising world not only makes sense, it’s a key business imperative.

Private Offerings are Already Happening Online

An IntraLinks M&A survey of over 2400 deal professionals for example, found that 54.5% of buy side and 40% of sell-side interviewees had closed a deal sourced online. Furthermore, 55% of respondents stated that over 25% of their deal flow stemmed from online sourcing while 39% had marketed over five deals on social networks in the last year alone. Ignoring the distribution and reach of online portals can significantly undermine the ability to conduct a successful private placement.

ACE Portal Is A Specialized Transaction Network for Private Deals

As the centralized infrastructure for private capital markets, ACE Portal is designed to bring together all of the parties involved in a private deal in order to create a more efficient network. In doing so, ACE seeks to create a centralized hub for all private placements that is:

  1. Transparent and equitable for investors
  2. Simple and efficient for agents
  3. Time and cost efficient for issuers
  4. Compliant for all parties

Online networks, particularly those with embedded end-to-end transaction tools, represent a natural solution to private capital fundraising that addresses many of the issues of opacity and transparency that apply to traditional private placements. With capital raisers and funders meeting, conducting due diligence, and committing funds online, the time to start participating is now.

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