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Transitioning from a Private to Public Company

ACE General Counsel Jason Behrens interviews David Garrity, a principal at GVA Research and a Managing Partner at Whitemarsh Capital. David and Jason spend this interview discussing David’s experience taking two companies public.

Their discussion is wide-ranging. Not only do they talk about the broad spectrum of why to go public and when relative to the passing of the JOBS Act and Sarbanes-Oxley, but they also drill down on key challenges in the process, what aspects of the CFO’s role changes, which stay the same, and questions around due diligence criteria for investors considering private companies.

This interview is not to be missed. You can also see David discuss Raising Capital in Today’s Markets.

For a related piece on the financial decisions facing a private company throughout it’s life cycle see https://aceportal.com/insights/the-financial-decisions-throughout-the-start-up-life-cycle/

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