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The Growth of Private Company Investing – Online Platforms, Accurate Data, & Robust Analytics

Just before Thanksgiving, ACE Portal in conjunction with our partner, VC Experts, hosted an intimate panel discussion on ‘The Growth of Private Company Investing: The Importance of Online Platforms, Accurate Data, and Robust Analytics.’

The panel, hosted by Ross Barrett, a Founder and CEO of VC Experts featured:

  • Carl Torrillo, Co-Founder and CFO of ACE Portal
  • Charlie Young, Executive Vice President, IPREO
  • Luan Cox, Founder and CEO of Crowdnetic
  • Joe Bartlett, Co-Founder VC Experts and Special Counsel at McCarter & English
  • David Scalzo, Founder and President, Kirenaga Partners LLC

Since the panel contains such rich dialogue around the growth of online investing we wanted to make it available to everyone who could not attend. We will also follow with a full transcript of the event at a later date.

Let us know if you have any additional questions for our panelists, we’d be happy to pass them along.



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