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Top Ten Sources of Data, News, and Research on Alternatives

As the Alternative Asset Class continues to mature and evolve, the increased interest and scrutiny on the sector has led to more transparency.  But data is still more difficult to come by than it is for the public securities. As a result, professionals rely on certain key information resources on an almost daily basis.

From our perspective at the DTCC – Alternative Investment Products Division, we are constantly analyzing and evaluating these informational news digests and data feeds in depth.  We have found that there are many pretenders, and only a few resources that have stood the test of time (or show promise). What follows is our/my go-to list for real value-add information for news, research, and data.

Sources For News and Research

PE Hub (formerly of Thomson Reuters)
PE Hub is the original daily news digest for Private Equity related headlines, VC deals, PE deals, IPOs, M&A deals, Firms & Funds, and Human Resources.

Dan Primack’s Term Sheet (Fortune)
This daily newsletter is written by Dan Primack, a Fortune writer and industry leader. The Term Sheet features updates on deals, movement of senior personnel, and insightful commentary. You can subscribe here.

WSJ – Venture Wire
This Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal publication pulls feeds associated with their roster of industry coverage including Venturewire, LBO Wire, Private Equity Analyst, Venture Source, LP Source and more to offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop for leading news across the alternatives sector.

FT – Fund Fire
Brought to us by the Financial Times, Fund Fire focuses on the alternative fund industry with a particular focus on investors, managers, consultants, financial advisors, pension plans, endowments and foundations. It is a paid subscription.

Pension & Investments – Alternatives Digest
Part of Crane’s, P&I calls itself the industry’s premier daily newsletter.  Their research and analytical pieces are often useful to get inside how industry experts are thinking about the space.You can subscribe to the letter here.

Hedgeweek is part of a family of publications including Private Equity Wire, Wealth Advisor, Property Funds World, etc.  Of particular interest is their listing of conferences and events around the globe.

SecondaryLink is a newer offering focused on secondaries. They offer broad-based news​ on secondary markets in private equity, real estate, hedge funds and other alternative investments.

Data Resources

VC Experts
VC Experts provides verified data, reports and analytics on private companies in order to help private market investors.  Further, they provide powerful data on the financing of private companies, along with fundraising updates and statistics.  They exhaustively collect all state and regulatory filings to compile their library of valuations, shares prices, terms & conditions, capitalization tables, etc.​ Full disclosure: VC Experts is a partner of ACE Portal.

Preqin provides comprehensive data on private equity, hedge fund, real estate and most other alternative investments.  One can access fund manager information about performance, AUM, LPs and more.  They also provide research reports. Note: a majority of their resources are behind a paywall.

HedgeCo is a database of over 7,500 hedge fund with a target focus on content and data relevant to accredited investors.

This one should be no surprise. The PE Module includes 30 years of data covering buyouts, private equity funds, firms, executives, portfolio companies and limited partners.

Bloomberg has data on over 8,000 hedge funds on their terminal.  Data records are constantly being updated.  Similar efforts are being made on the private equity side, targeted to their 400,000 subscribers. Clearly access to the terminal is expensive and exclusive.


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