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Joe Bartlett on the role of VC Experts and Private Market Data

Joe Bartlett, a Co-Founder of VC Experts, speaks with ACE General Counsel Jason Behrens on the company’s origins, mission, and importance. In particular he focuses on the role of comparable data in facilitating efficient market decisions and the unique niche VC Experts fills in providing that data.

For another video with Joe see his discussion on Fundraising post JOBS Act

VC Experts provides powerful data on the financing of private companies, along with industry-leading content on fundraising. We conduct exhaustive analyses of all state and federal regulatory filings by private companies. Information gathered by VC Experts includes valuations, share prices, terms and conditions, board members, and behind the scenes details for improved deal context. We maintain an online library of 6,000 articles and more than 300 downloadable forms commonly used to construct private equity investment agreements. VC Experts has become an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, and various services provides in the venture capital and private equity industries.

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