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Family Wealth and the Role of Family Offices

In this interview ACE Portal’s CEO, Peter Williams, interviews Michael Zeuner, a Managing Partner at WE Family Offices, which is a Multifamily office for 65 US based families with an aggregate of $3.2 billion in assets with WE Family Office.

The interview offers a fascinating inside look at the ins and outs of an MFO’s operation. Topics covered include:

  • The unique needs of a wealthy family relative to other investors including how multi-generation time frames impact investment considerations
  • What an MFO does
  • How a multi-family office differs from a single family office (and where they are similar)
  • The key questions a family should ask in considering an MFO

If you’re interested in more on this topic, you can see Angelo Robles, CEO of the Family Office Association, more closely define a family office here

About WE Family Offices

WE Family Offices is a different kind of wealth advisor. WE stands for Wealth Enterprise and the core of their work is based on the simple tenet that families who are able to successfully manage their wealth do so as they would a business. They build Wealth Enterprises.

Founded on a set of core beliefs, our mission is to work with each client – each different, each complex in their own way – to offer them insight into their wealth management, give them the information they need to make critical decisions, and support to manage their wealth successfully.  It’s about control. It’s about clarity. It’s about knowing where you are in relation to your goals. At your level of wealth we understand it can be overwhelming but we are here to help.

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