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Family Offices and Investing in Private Securities

ACE Portal By ACE Portal Tue, Sep 23, 2014 Videos Connections

Peter Williams, ACE Founder and CEO, speaks with Angelo Robles, the CEO and Founder of the Family Office Association (FOA). This is a can’t miss interview for families interested in private securities and those interested in understanding how family offices look to source and diligence opportunities.

Specific topics include:

  • Challenges facing a Family Office interested in direct investing
  • Issues of maintaining family confidentiality versus increasing access to deals
  • Changes to access via fund structures or direct investing
  • Key talent areas needed inside of the family office for this asset class

For more from Angelo, see his interview on defining exactly what a family office is and how it works


The Family Office Association is a global membership community dedicated to providing UHNW families the resources to solve their most difficult challenges and achieve their respective and collective goals. Their strategic meetings and forums offer insight to grow wealth, strengthen legacy, and unite multiple generations through shared interests and passions.

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