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What a Capital Raiser needs to know about Deal Structuring

In this interview ACE Portal’s CEO, Peter Williams, sits down with David Pritchard, Principal at Aequitas Advisors to talk about deal structuring in the Private Markets.

Specific topics of conversation include:

  • What types of tailoring are favorable to companies versus investors
  • How issuers approach private placements, some of the potential pitfalls they can face, and how to protect themselves
  • How new opening of retail channels impacts the process


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Aequitas Advisors provides experienced, unconflicted advisory services to corporate clients at any stage of development, but principally during or in anticipation of capital raising, exchange or restructuring initiatives. Our input is derived from comprehensive analysis of our clients’ needs and available alternatives with a view toward maximizing the value derived from capital markets activity, preserving financial flexibility and reducing “all-in” cost of capital.

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