Placement Agent FAQs

What is ACE Portal?

ACE Portal is a technology platform that provides investment banks and other placement agents with comprehensive transaction management and marketing tools for new issuances of private securities.  All offerings on ACE must be managed by SEC-registered broker-dealers.  We do not support an issuer-direct model.

Placement agent benefits: ACE offers comprehensive transaction management and marketing tools.  By using ACE’s technology, agents can:

  • Achieve broader targeted access to institutional and accredited investors
  • Confidentially assess inbound interest
  • Streamline deal processes and work flow
  • Reduce labor intensity
  • Monitor process controls and compliance management

 How is ACE different from other online private portals?

ACE has a fundamentally different approach than other online portals:

  • Work only with placement agents to improve the process, and does not dis-intermediate them
  • Focus on larger transactions (minimum listing requirements, $50mm average listing)
  • Process-oriented tool designed specifically for placement agents by experienced industry practitioners
  • No conflicts of interest –independent from any broker-dealer
  • ACE is operated by experienced industry practitioners

ACE is comprised of experienced industry practitioners who believe that placement agents deliver considerable value to an offering by:

  • Curating offerings
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Preparing investor materials and deal terms
  • Advising the issuer
  • Introducing reputational integrity to the process
  • Carefully screening investors and optimizing allocations

Will my offering be broadly marketed on ACE?

No.  On the contrary, ACE provides placement agents with enhanced controls for managing a private issuance.  Agents control investor access, and all information dissemination.  The ACE Search Market lists offerings on a no-names basis, and typically requires the execution of a Confidentiality Agreement before investor-members can enter a private deal room.  For ultimate discretion, Agents can choose to enlist “Request for Access” controls, which will prevent any potential investor from gaining transaction information without the direct prior consent of the Agent.

Other agent FAQs

Do agents still maintain control over the marketing process? Always.  While ACE offers a suite of tools for placement agents to help manage the capital raising process and broaden their investor universe, agents maintain full discretion over how their deal is marketed.

Do we need to be an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA to post offerings on ACE? Yes.

How much does it cost to use ACE? Please contact us for more information on our fees.

What types of investors can qualify to use ACE? ACE is only accessible to Qualified Institutional Buyers, Qualified Purchasers and other Accredited Investors.

How large is the current investor-member base? > $40 billion AUM (including Family Offices, Institutions, RIAs and high net worth Individuals)

How can investor-members view offerings posted to ACE? Agents have the option when placing a deal (or at any time during the life of the deal) to only show the offering to investors they specifically invite or to allow certain groups of investor-members to seek out the offering.

How does the community board work? You may use the Community Board to provide important information and or transaction updates to all potential investors.

How does the inquiry tab work? When an investor submits an inquiry through a Community Board, you will receive an email with the question.  At that point, it is up to you how you would like to respond.

Does ACE provide information about my membership to regulatory authorities? ACE will make available information related to activity on ACE to the SEC, FINRA and other regulatory and governmental authorities, if requested.

Does ACE provide any information about me to other third parties? Other than to regulatory and legal authorities upon request, ACE does not provide specific information about any particular Member to anyone.

How do we manage information related to our firm’s membership? Your Membership Manager has access to a Control Room, where they can add additional users and perform other administrative tasks.

What tools does ACE offer a placement agent?

  • Data Room
  • Integrated marketing and compliance tracking
  • Record-keeping, bookbuilder, CRM features
  • Management of multiple deal teams for different transactions