Issuer FAQs

What is ACE Portal?

ACE Portal is a technology platform that brings investor access, market efficiency and process transparency to the private capital markets.

Issuer Benefits: ACE brings market efficiency to private capital raising:

  • Increase investor demand by expanding market reach
  • Improve deal terms, time to close and oversight
  • Achieve broader distribution
  • Track compliance records
  • Control information dissemination – keep your private offering private

Other issuer FAQs

How do we list a private offering on ACE?

In order for you to benefit from the ACE platform, your offering must be sponsored by an SEC-registered broker-dealer that is a member of FINRA.

How would we benefit from having our offering posted to ACE?

Your placement agent can secure additional demand for your offering by allowing ACE’s investor-members to seek out the transaction.  In addition, ACE allows placement agents to more efficiently manage the various documents and communications needed for the success of your transaction.

We are currently working with a placement agent who has posted our offering to ACE.  How can we gain access to our Deal Page?

Contact your placement agent and they can provide you with access.

Why must a placement agent be involved in our offering?

ACE recognizes the value placement agents provide in private transactions, evaluating and structuring your transaction while maintaining a certain degree of oversight and integrity to the capital raising process.  Also, by not permitting an issuer-direct model, conflicts of interest are minimized as ACE remains truly independent to the capital raising process.