Investor FAQs

What is ACE Portal?

ACE Portal allows certain qualified investors to confidentially seek out and engage in new private securities offerings.  All private placements listed on ACE Portal are managed by SEC-registered broker-dealers, which ACE believes is essential to maintaining process integrity and regulatory oversight for the benefit of investors.

What types of investments are on ACE?

ACE supports all marketed private placement issuances.  This includes equity and debt offerings, private equity, venture capital, and hedge fund LP interests.  The only restrictions to offerings are:

  1. They must have a minimum deal size of $5 million
  2. They must be marketed by a registered placement agent.

What benefits does ACE offer an investor-member?

Investor Benefits: ACE simplifies and expands access to the private capital markets by allowing investor-members to:

  • Gain enhanced access and visibility over the private capital markets
  • Confidentially seek out private investments based on your own criteria
  • Manage multiple private deals through a single, centralized platform

How do I find private investment opportunities?

Investor-members can choose to complete a personal investment profile, which will enable ACE Portal to highlight matching offerings on a member’s dashboard, to the extent such offerings are being publicly advertised.  To access all other private offerings, investor-members can browse or filter the Search Market to see the different offerings.

Who can offer investments/deals on the ACE platform?

Only SEC-registered placement agents can post and market a deal on ACE Portal.  These agents can represent any type of private company or fund in any sector.  Each agent that uses our platform goes through a screening process to make sure they meet certain standards.  If you are a broker-dealer interested in using ACE to market a client’s deal and gain access to our transaction management tools, please contact us here.

Why does ACE only work directly with placement agents?

The private placement market is opaque and the regulatory requirements are generally less comprehensive than those in public markets.  As a result, ACE believes that placement agents provide a valuable service in conducting due diligence on each issuer and opportunity they represent and serve to maintain a certain degree of oversight and integrity to the capital raising process while communicating the same information to each prospective investor.

What is a 506(c) offering?

The 2012 JOBS Act established a new private securities exemption, called Rule 506 (c), which permits agents and issuers to publicly advertise that they are fundraising.  Agents and issuers can now contact prospective investors who they do not already know.

What is a private offering of securities?

Generally, any sale of securities that is not registered with the SEC.

In the U.S., any offer to sell securities must either be registered with the SEC (i.e., a “public offering”) or satisfy certain exempt qualifications in order to remain unregistered, or “private.”  The most commonly cited private exemptions are outlined under [Regulation D (“Reg D”)]. SEC website. 

How large are the private capital markets?

With over $1 trillion in annual offerings and a 15% compound annual growth rate, the U.S. market for selling private securities is an exceptionally large and growing asset class.  These offerings run the gamut from small, early-stage seed rounds to multi-billion dollar corporate issuances and alternative investment funds (e.g., private equity funds, hedge funds, and venture capital funds).

Exhibit 1. Aggregate Capital Raised in the U.S. by Offering Method ($ in billions)

What is an accredited investor?

Generally, an individual or entity that meets certain income, net worth or asset thresholds, as defined by the SEC.

Update deal interests

By completing your investor profile located on your Dashboard under “Update Deal Interests”, you can elect to receive an email notification every time a new 506(c) offering is posted to the ACE platform.

Other investor FAQs

How do I become a member of ACE?

Registering for the ACE Platform is simple. Just click here and fill out a short application. The entire process should take you less than five minutes.

How much does it cost to use ACE?

Registering and using ACE as an investor is free.

What happens with my personal information?

ACE does not share your information with solicitors or other platform users.  The information collected during registration is used for an initial background check to check whether you are who you say you are.  You can review the ACE platform to find private investments, and if interested, reveal your identity with an ACE-member placement agent in order to access a private deal room.  This only occurs when you choose to do so.

How do I qualify to use ACE?

ACE is available to Qualified Institutional Buyers, Qualified Purchasers and other Accredited Investors.  Both institutional investors and individual investors are welcome to register. (see here for a brief summary of these classifications)

How can I avoid inadvertently accessing a security on my firm’s restricted list?

All institutional investors must appoint an account manager with the power to oversee and pre-authorize all other member access to each offering.

How does the community board work?

Placement agents use the Community Board to provide potential investors with important information and updates.

How does the submit inquiry work?

When an investor uses the “Submit inquiry” button, the placement agent will receive an email with your question and can respond.  Investors also have the Agent’s contact information available to them to utilize at their discretion.

What do I do if I am interested in participating in a transaction?

Select “Submit indication of interest” and send the placement agent an email with your inquiry. Alternatively, you can call or email them directly using the provided contact information.

Does ACE provide information about my membership to regulatory authorities?

ACE will make information available to the SEC, FINRA and other regulatory, legal or governmental  authorities if requested.

Does ACE provide any information about me to other third parties?

Other than to legal and regulatory authorities by request, ACE does not provide specific information about any Member to anyone.

I forgot my username and/or password, what next?

Just send us a quick email at with your information and after we verify it we will reset your account.

How can I reach ACE?

You can contact us via email at or give us a call at 212-656-6846