By ACE Portal Thu, Nov 20, 2014

Our API provides programmatic access to read Insights data. API is open which means we aren’t requiring authorizations.

Available end points

GET https://aceportal.com/api/get_posts/

Returns object with all Insights posts normally available at aceportal.com/insights

Resource information

Request method GET
Response format JSON

Return value

End point will return json object with all posts, each is the separate object:

video_url string, optional Video URL on vimeo
video_embed string, optional HTML with video in iframe
post_author string Post author display name
post_author_bio string Post author short bio
post_author_thumbnail string Post author thumbnail (IMG tag)
ID int The ID of the post
post_title string The title of the post
post_date_gmt string Format: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
post_url string Original post URL
post_thumbnail_small string Small thumbnail URL
post_thumbnail_large string Large thumbnail URL
excerpt string Manually defined post excerpt
post_content string The full HTML content of the post
post_disclaimer string Post disclaimer for displaying at the end of article