Centralized online access to the private capital markets.

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Core Principles

Access: The ACE platform enhances market access for both private issuers and accredited investors

Transparency: ACE provides a single centralized platform to source and diligence private investment opportunities

Efficiency: ACE streamlines and automates compliance processes and transaction record keeping

Oversight: All offerings listed on the ACE platform are managed by SEC-registered agents who are available to assist qualified investors throughout the diligence process

Confidentiality: ACE is a private platform where all activity and information is protected. Investors choose to reveal their identity only after reviewing preliminary deal documentation and Agents can control access and information disclosure of Issuer identities and deal information on a case by case basis

Independence: ACE  is a truly independent intermediary that provides 3rd party oversight and process controls to each of its core constituents: issuers, placement agents and investors. ACE is not a broker/dealer and does not represent any issuer or offering.ACE does not act as an advisor for any member-investors on its network.


Need help?

Don't hesitate to ask us something. Email us directly support@aceportal.com or call us at 646.661.4419. You can checkout our FAQ and Help page to get more information about our products.



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